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September 11, 2013
​The results that an effective internet campaign can bring are way above the average return one would expect to see from the traditional marketing methods.
Being able to put together an online presence for a business that brings in leads and sales on a regular basis and shows measurable results requires several unique skill sets along with a lot of time and dedication to analyzing incoming traffic and the effectiveness of any given marketing campaign, but there are steps that business owners can take to super charge their internet marketing efforts and bring in the business and sales they have always dreamed of. Here is a few tips on how to make your website or WordPress website more profitable.

Know Your Target Market  
It is a common misconception with entrepreneurs that the product or service sold in the business is a good idea for “everyone”. While it may be true that everyone needs the product, not everyone will buy it. Therefore, you must know who you are trying to attract with your web site. Ask yourself these questions to get started:

  • Are my customers male or female?
  • What level of education do they have?
  • What age group do they fall into?
  • What are their hobbies? Interests?
  • What do they read?
  • Do they have children?
  • What is their level of income?
  • What are their biggest problems?
  • What keywords would they use to describe your service/product?

This will help you to get a clearer picture of your customers.  The above factors could also help you determine: 

  1.  Language(s) for site to use and/or how formal text should be 
  2. Text size and colors 
  3. Amount of text per page and reading level of terminology used 
  4. Objective of site (online sale or visit location or contact via phone or email) 
  5. Types of images to best reinforce text 
  6. Most appealing images of people (similar age/race/occupational make-up)

Web Design that is eye pleasing, professional, and navigation that supports a logical hierarchy of products and services.
Your web design or website, is usually the first introduction a new prospective client or customer has with your business. Make it as pleasant of an experience and your website’s visitors will appreciate it. Grab their attention, show them what they came to see and make it as simple as possible for your target market to understand. But most importantly, a clear call to action needs to be present on pages where you want the user to take an action. ”Call Us”, “Contact Us” or even “Buy Now” are great call to actions and should be a contrasting color to the rest of the websites design.

Keep it simple 
Make sure your copy is easy to understand (for your target audience) and as concise as possible. If text blocks or images do not support your goals, remove them. If they offer no value, remove them. Copy should only be as long as it takes 
to get your point across. A couple superfluous sentences in a row could prompt visitors to click away. 

Interactive web development that personalizes or even creates a positive user experience. 
The best example of a successful web development project is Facebook. Granted, most businesses do not require such functionality, however, the proof is right there. Give the user a great personable experience and they will continue to come back to your site, tell their friends and family about your website along with sharing and bookmarking your website. We all know that repeat customers are the best kind of customers, so give a reason to come back and visit, and you will see a direct impact on the amount of visitors to your website. As in any sales process, finding ways to gather information about your user requires finesse; although this information can be later used for follow up marketing and sales calls.

Use Social Networking to drive traffic to your website
Social media — from networking and microblogging websites to video- and photo-sharing platforms — are technological tools that enable people to communicate and share easily with their friends, families and communities on the Internet. Social media offer businesses a variety of tools to inform existing customers and connect with new ones. Business owners can use social media to cultivate customer loyalty, raise awareness about products and services, and reach new customers and markets .

Generate a list of keywords 
Keywords and keyword phrases are the “search terms” entered into Yahoo or Google or any other listing of sites. If your site is built to satisfy human visitors, you’re off to a good start with the search engines as well, but a little tweaking can 
squeeze out a lot more visitors. Any word or phrase that someone may use to refer to a subject should be considered as part of the text in the page(s) discussing it. When keywords are part of your text, you have a chance of appearing in search engine results for those keywords. When you don’t specifically include them in your text, you’ll be out in the cold. 
If there are lots of possibilities, the most popular and targeted words or expressions should be incorporated to increase your odds for the most traffic possible. For example, a website for “web design” should consider various synonyms such as “website design”, “web designer”, “website design cape town”, “website design portfolio”, “web design case studies” etc etc. Any one page could use several terms interchangeably or distinct pages could be created for each term.

Finally, with a great looking website and a user friendly website, now all that is left is to do is let the world know where to find your website.
 An effective internet marketing strategy should directly go after the target market in which it is relevant to your products and services. Adversely, your website and content should be relevant to your target market as well. Search engines love relevancy, so understanding how to create an internet marketing and link building strategy that revolves around the relevancy of your products, services, target market and content, by doing so, you will see an enormous influx of traffic to your website that will lead to increased leads and ultimately sales.


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