The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the way we live, eat, work, shop, and maybe even the way we think. ​

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With devices connected across the world via cloud computing, there’s never been more data available - and our team’s IoT app solutions will let you harness it. From smart homes that adjust their climate control based on temperature data, to apps that suggest diet and fitness changes based on your daily routine, there’s no limit to the uses of an IoT app. ​Here are some of the IoT solutions that we offer at Just Pointblank:

Comprehensive IoT app development

IoT systems have a lot of components, from the sensor devices that record data to the cloud where it’s stored and processed and the user interface that delivers the data to customers. To ensure that your IoT app works seamlessly and captures exactly the right data, we provide a comprehensive IoT app development service. Before we design your app, we’ll consult with you to deeply understand your brand, business, and IoT needs. Once we have a holistic picture of your business vision and milestones, we’ll get to work designing an IoT strategy to match.

IoT Analytics

With all the devices connected by modern cloud computing, the amount of data produced by IoT applications is massive. By analysing the data in your cloud, you’ll be able to gain fantastic insight into your users’ needs and preferences. IoT analytics are an essential part of our service offering. Designed to maintain data privacy while producing insights that enhance customer experience, our IoT analytics are custom designed for every app. While maintaining the data privacy and security that your customers except, you’ll be able to gain fresh insights into their user experience and identify trends that will help you enhance your service offering.

Voice recognition technology

The popularity of virtual assistants like iPhone’s Siri has made voice recognition and voice activated technology a must-have. Our IoT app developers offer integrated voice activation for hands-free functionality. Location-based apps for use while driving, lifestyle apps for busy people on the go, and industrial apps for professionals who have both hands full are just some of the applications that voice activated technology can be used for. ​

Wearable device compatibility

Smart watches, health monitors, and other wearables have become extremely popular around the world - and they need to work perfectly with your IoT app. Today’s customer may want to use your IoT app on their tablet, smartphone and smartwatch - or all three. Our IoT development team will ensure that your app works equally well on all devices, boosting engagement and ensuring long-term users across device platforms.


Our IoT app development process includes several specialized steps. These include:

  • App development planning and design
  • Back-end and API
  • Device-specific app development
  • Gateway development
  • Testing, debugging and implementation

​ If you’d like your brand to join the IoT revolution, contact us today. We’ll work with you and your team to develop a solution that matches your requirements.

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