We specialize in designing, developing and testing Android, iOS and web applications.

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App Development


A great app requires great design – mobile design. Our designers are mobile-specific designers that understand the flow, technical constraints, and the latest UX trends in the mobile space. We can help your team with transforming a great idea into a great app through our iterative design and prototyping process, with brand-conscious look-and-feel.

Our Mobile App development process in 6 steps

To ensure product integrity, speed up time-to-market, improve engineers productivity and save costs, we adhere to the following stages of a mobile application development lifecycle.

1. Strategy

Define strategic goals for evolving your idea into a successful app.

​2. Analysis and planning

Identify features and requirements, define structure and product roadmap

3. UI/UX design

Create seamless user experience with wireframes, prototype and mockups

4. App development

Develop backend, API and mobile app following agile development process.

​​5. Quality Assurance

Validate app quality through a series of usability studies and user testing.

6. Deployment and Support

Launch app on the Google and Apple app stores with support for future iterations and revisions.

Our Specialities

Android OS - The world's most popular OS platform: With over 78% global smartphone market share, Android smartphones are an essential platform for businesses. Whether it’s Samsung, LG, HTC or Sony, we have it covered, and we can help your business create the most flexible and effective solutions across these different hardware platforms.

iOS - the most trusted and proven smartphone and tablet OS The first and original modern smartphone, and still one of the most popular premium devices on the market. Easy to design, develop and maintain with little hardware complications – iPhone apps are the essential first step for businesses looking to implement mobility solutions.​

iBeacon technology - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) iBeacon technology uses a wireless Bluetooth connection to transmit and receive data directly to smartphones or tablet devices, enabling you to know about your customers’ marketing activity, and send them targeted messages directly through a location-based functionality. We provide Enterprise-grade mobile engagement solutions through iBeacon App development for various industries across the globe.

Cross-Platform app development with Flutter or React Native frameworks Cross-platform app development frameworks such as Flutter or React Native, allow our developers to create mobile applications that are compatible with more than one operating systems, in this case, iOS and Android. Using a single code base, our developers are able to significantly cut down on development cost and time thereby enabling to release your product/software much faster at a lower cost compered to developing native applications separately for each platforms.


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