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Explainer video case study

Explainer video case study


Bambisa is an innovative message and calendaring system that delivers the right information direct to parents and students phones. It’s free, simple to use and encourages limitless on-the-go communication between teachers and parents. Built for teachers, the app provides one-way communication to parents and students via a calendar and group messaging. The app is supported by Liberty Life.

The Goal

The goal was to create a short but inspirational animation to introduce the app and explain how it works.

The Challenge

We had to produce the video by the official launch of the mobile application and website. From design brief to final product – including script writing and 2 rounds of revisions at each design stage – we had 26 days to produce the video.

What We Did

After fully understanding how the mobile app works , Just Pointblank scripted, storyboarded, animated, and produced an inspiring video which captured the essence of Bambisa.


As a direct result of our successful collaboration, Bambisa was the 5th most downloaded app in the app store and nominated as one of the finalists for the best and most innovative education app in Africa.

Tools We Used


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe After Effect

Great response on the video so far – in fact, we have possibly raised another round of funding off the back of it.