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Video Production


Wetu Explainer Video

Wetu Explainer Video


Wetu’s cutting edge technology has been designed and built for the tourism industry and can be easily integrated into various aspects of travel businesses, allowing them to compete more effectively online. Wetu empowers the Travel Industry to compete in the digital age with Interactive maps, Virtual Itineraries and iBrochures all available on the Wetu web portal.

What We Did

Based on the scripts provided by freelance copywriter Tracey Hadfield, we created a series of 4 animated videos to explain the innovative concept behind WETU and introduce their various products to the Travel Industry.


From an innovative start-up, Wetu has grown into a successful international company with many offices as well as clients around the globe. Our videos helped explain how Wetu’s disruptive technology helps travel companies work more efficiently, sell smarter, collaborate better, and grow their business.

The Goal

The goal was to create a series of informative, easy to understand and visually exciting animations about Wetu’s unique offerings to the travel industry, that clearly explains the benefits and generates interest in their services.

The Challenge

Since each video targets different segments of the market, we had to make sure that each video communicates and highlights the innovative features of the product and the value of Wetu’s offerings to the relevant target audiences. ​

Tools We Used


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe After Effect

​Thank you very much - it has been a pleasure working with you (very professional and organized). I think you made a great team and you have helped to create some great videos. I have no doubt that they will be of a great help in our sales effort. If we ever need another video we will be back.